DIY System for Printing Your Memoir

DIY memoir Most people we talk to want help with writing, editing and/or designing their memoir projects. However, if you are squarely in the do-it-yourself camp, and just need the tools for designing and printing your memoir project, we have a great service for you!

We have partnered with MemoryPress to bring you an automated, high quality book layout, printing and binding system. And it's easy to use:

  1. Purchase publishing credits on the website.
  2. Make some basic design decisions (book size, cover design, page features).
  3. Upload your digital photos.
  4. Add your stories, either by composing them on the website or cutting and pasting from an existing document.
  5. Invite others in your family to contribute too (we have a great built-in invitation system).
  6. When all the content is in place and you are happy with the look, submit the book for printing and binding.
  7. The finished book(s) are mailed directly to you in about two weeks.

To learn more or to begin a project click here.

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