How to Write an Autobiography,
Life Story or Memoir

Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? The good news--it is easy and fun! Join a workshop and learn how to write stories from your life. Our workshops offer:

What happens in a workshop?

Our mutli-week workshops introduce a new theme each week. We explore the theme in discussion, questions and fun exercises. At home, outside of class,, you write a one to two page story from your life on that theme.

The next week, you will have time to listen to and share stories in a small, friendly group setting. This gives you feedback, direction and encouragement as you write your stories.

Who are these "How to Write an Autobiography,
Life Story or Memoir" workshops designed for?

Honestly, they are designed for any adult who is willing to listen to, write and share stories from their life. You do not need to be a writer--you just need to be willing to draft your stories in your words.

What if my stories aren't very interesting or if I don't write very well?

Much of our focus is discovering your stories, and then learning to tellt them in an interesting way. You will see there is no shortage of interesting things to say! You will also discover that you can indeed write!

One thing you can do that no other person can do is write in your voice! We will explore basic ways to make your writing better, but our true focus is on saving and sharing your stories, in your own unique story-telling style.

What kind of themes do we explore?

How to write autobiography 2 While each workshop varies a bit according to the interests of participants, we generally cover:

Where and when are the workshops?
How much do they cost?

In-person classes are held throughout Cincinnati. Costs vary by location.

Online classes let you experience the process from the comfort of your own home, using a computer video platform. If you class times don't work for you, videos are available on demand. You can see the current class schedules here.


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